We are delighted to invite you to the 13th International Congress of Orthopterology, that will be held in Agadir – Morocco, from the 24th to the 28th of March 2019

Dear Orthopterists

Online payment is now available.
The dead line is extended :
Preferential rates are until 31st, December, 2018;

$ 350 for participants
$ 150 for accompanying persons
$ 100 for doctoral students

After 31st December, 2018 :

$ 400 for participants
$ 200 for accompanying persons
$ 150 for doctoral students

Bank transfer is also possible at the following coordinates:

Association R3D

IBAN: MA 101 010 2111608934080005 61
Banque Populaire Center South
Agency: Ait Souss, Av. Moulay Abdellah,
80 000 Agadir, Morocco.

About the Congress

We invite you to join us for the 13th International Congress of the Orthopterists´ Society in Agadir (Morocco) from March 24-28, 2019, in the Hotel «Palais des Roses».

This Congress will be organized for the first time in Africa, under the sub-title “Challenges in front of Climatic and Environmental Changes”. The congress will be organized in collaboration with the IBN ZOHR University of Agadir, the National Center for Control of Desert Locust and the Orthopterists’ Society which has 500 members from 60 countries in partnership with several national and international institutions

The International Congress on Orthopterology is an interdisciplinary platform for the presentation of new advances and research results in all aspects of Orthopterology. We are pleased to invite you to submit original contributions to ICO 2019 by 30 September 2018.

“International Congress of Orthopterology” is a major international scientific event that brings together, every 3 years, the leading specialists in the field of orthopterology. After Argentina, the USA, Venezuela, Canada, Spain, Australia, France, Turkey, China and Brazil, the congress is organized for the first time in an African country. More than 200 participants from 5 continents are expected in Morocco (in Agadir) for this large-scale scientific meeting.

The congress covers the different aspects related to orthopterology: Biology, Ecology, Taxonomy, Physiology, Endocrinology, Cytogenetics.

Orthoptera is an order of insects that includes the grasshoppers and crickets, including closely related insects such as the katydids and wetas. This group has more than 17,000 species, almost half of which are grasshoppers. In many parts of the world some Orthoptera are serious crop pests. Among them are the Desert locust and the Moroccan locust, but also other species known for their damage to crops, particularly during periods of invasion, in several regions of the world with considerable social and economic consequences.

Congress Secretariat

Sciences Faculty, University Ibn Zohr– Agadir | Morocco

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